Physical & Occupational Therapy in TOS

Physical therapy is usually performed by physiotherapists. There is a wide range of physiotherapists available, and physiotherapists involved in TOS care require very specific knowledge, skills & experience. As this is not a very common condition, good and able physiotherapists may not be easily available.


The purpose of physical therapy in TOS is to:

  • Assist in establishing a physical diagnosis based on movement system impairment
  • Provide adjunctive physical treatment and education in the management of TOS.
  • Support the immediate post-operative care of patients.
  • Longer term rehabilitation of post-operative patients.


Physical therapy plays an important role at various stages in the management of TOS. However, it does not replace an accurate and considered medical assessment nor does it treat the underlying causes of TOS in most patients. It can delay treatment, and occasionally worsen the condition.

In some patients, it would be appropriate for an occupational therapist to assist in non-operative care, post-operative support or return to work.

Whilst the author works with well established therapists, they are independent practitioners of their own right and do not come with the endorsement of The TOS Clinic.

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