Thoracic outlet syndrome is an uncommon and often complex condition that requires significant consultation time, tests and discussion. Some operations may involve multiple components too. Therefore, the fee charged is a reflection of this complexity and time spent. This varies from patient to patient, and the tariff is usually given as an individualised quote before the consultation or treatment.

Fees are charged for the service provided and does not guarantee a result or outcome.

Usually, patients are either self-funding or have medical insurance. For self-funding patients, an invoice will usually be sent to the patient with payment to be made in full by bank transfer or cheque. Some patients will be invoiced by the hospital directly and payment will need to be made to the hospital.

Patients who have medical insurance will have the invoices sent to the insurance company. It is necessary that such patients receive confirmation of insurance coverage and obtain an “authorisation code” prior to any consultation/ treatment. Please note the following:

  • The fees charged may be above the insurance company tariff and you may be liable to pay the excess.
  • Some tests or procedures are not covered by the some insurance companies and you may be charged these in full.
  • It is the responsibility of the patient to check and make the necessary arrangements with the insurance company and we are not able to negotiate this on your behalf.

Some tests are performed outside of the institution where the consultation or treatment is provided. It is occasionally necessary to obtain the expertise of such third party providers where their expertise brings superior clinical benefit. In such instances, the patient will have to make payment direct to the third party provider for their service.

Please also note the following:

  • International patients will need to ensure that payment is made in advance in sterling before the consultation/ treatment.
  • A third party fee collection service may be used.
  • Receipts will be provided for self-funded payments
  • Non-attendance fees may be charged in full. Most insurance companies may not cover non-attendance charges. Cancellation <72 hours before an appointment will be charged at 50% the full rate.