Non-surgical modalities of treatment can be useful at times either alone or in combination with surgery.



Patients are often anxious and concerned that no one seems to understand their problems. Stress over education or work often adds to the perceived severity of the condition. Clarity in diagnosis and management often relieves much of the anxiety. Advice to parents, teachers or employers may be useful as well.


Sensible advice

Avoiding aggravating or perpetuating factors, e.g. excessive workouts in the gym.
Carrying heavy items, e.g. shopping
Improve posture, e.g. in front of computer screen.
Lifestyle & occupational adjustments e.g. driving position



Simple painkillers e.g. paracetamol
Stronger painkillers e.g. tramadol
Neuropathic drugs like amitriptyline, gabapentin/ pregabalin
Sedatives and muscle relaxants


Physical therapy

See section on Physical & Occupational therapy LINK HERE



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